Week 10: Farewell to our 13th challenge

How many posts did you write?

I have wrote 17 posts for edublogs across this year.

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Over this year I have done 8 challenges from the student blogging challenge, 9 posts from school and 1 from home in my own interest.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I have resaved 38 comments all together, 19 from students in my class, 10 from my teacher (Mrs Adams), and 9 from people over seas.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

The post that resaved the most comments for me was my post on my new baby sister Christa. That had five comments, I think it got the most because finding out about a new baby is interesting and nobody has seen her yet so that is why I think this post got the most comments.

  Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I enjoyed writing the post titled ( all it takes is a gift) because my family helps St Vincent de Paul every year. Also because I could help people who have less than I have  and teach people about it to.
 Did you change blog themes at all and why? 
 I changed my blog theme a few times to soot the celebration. For example When it was Halloween I change my blog them to look scary, and when it was over I changed it again because it was over.
  How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
I have one student blogging badge, one voki and a pet (that is a ferret ). I think I have just the right amount of widgets not to much and not to many.
 Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?
The web tools I used are pic monkey, glogster, and many more.
By Hannah


End of year post

Hi everyone Hannah here, I just what to say a final good bye to everyone . It will be my last post for a long time unless my teacher next year does it. I just what to say thank you to Mrs Adams for introducing us with edublogs and teaching us all about it.

So bye.

from Hannah

All it takes is a gift

What is St Vincent de Paul

St Vinnie’s is an origination that helps the poor by donating presents tined food, Christmas things and other useful stuff. St Vinnie’s helps in 149 countries and has over 950,000 members.

.This is the logo for St Vinnie's I found this picture on Google on St Vinnie’s symbol on labelled for reuse.

click on this and it will take you to glogster and so you can find out more about St Vincent http://hannahw8.edu.glogster.com/dashboard/.

 Why you should support St Vincent de Paul.

I feel strongly about this because many countries suffer from loss of food, water or loss of home. Imagine that was you. Imagine you had lost your home and you were staving and had no food. That is how many people live everyday. That is why I support this charity.

Click on St Vinnie’s to go to there website.

All about the Christmas hamper.

Around Christmas time not everyone gets presents, not everyone has a good time that is why St Vinnie’s is trying to change that. All you need to do to help is donate something to St Vincent de Paul to help people have a better Christmas.

Now that you have read this post do something about the poor and support Vinnie’s.

By Hannah


My new baby sister Christa

On the 10/11/14 my mum had a baby, her name is Christa.

This is Christa

At 3:00am in the morning my dad had to call the ambulance to take my mum to hospital.

My dad with Christa

My dad with Christa


Luke with Christa

Luke with Christa



Mum and Jude with Christa in hospital

Mum and Jude with Christa in hospital

Student Blogging Challenge: Activity 4



“I finally got to the top”. I stared out across the valley ,you could see for miles and not a building in site. It was great up there away from the city. Then I started looked down, it was along way down, higher than the big buildings that you see in the city. I wondered how I would get to the ground.

I sat on the rock near the edge and thought, I could wait till a plane flied by and they could pick me up, but that’s not very likely to happen.  Or I could just climb down but that wouldn’t be very safe. ” I’m sure I pact a rope in my bag somewhere, ah here it is”.

Now to start climbing down. I attached one end of the rope to a large rock and the other end to my wast and started to climb down, slowly and carefully. But suddenly rip.

Write in the comments section what happened next.
by Hannah

Student blogging challenge: Activity 4

For the student blogging challenge this week is to write a post about people who are important and deserve a big thank you.

Dear Rachele, Thank you for being an awesome friend to me and helping me when I’m upset or worried, you are funny and a great drawer and a great role model to younger students. I really look up to you because of these things, and when you walk into a room you always make everyone happy. Thank you.

from Hannah

the two second people I would like to thank are

Dear Mrs Adams and Mrs McNab, Thank you for being great teachers this year and helping me when I don’t no what to do or I am stuck with my learning. you always make learning fun and I really enjoy coming to school because of this. Thank you for helping me with my Maths, and all the other subjects I struggled with. Also to get more confident when  talking to the class. Thank you so much.

From Hannah

From hannah

English activites: story writing

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon and a old man was sitting all alone in the house his name was peter. His wife ad gone shopping and left him alone with the dog. She said she will be back at one o’clock but it was nearly two o’clock, he started to feel worried. He decided he will go look for here, so he got in the car and drove to the nearest supermarket. He went in and asked the people at the checkout if they had seen his wife, they replied no. Now he felt very worried. He walked out not knowing what to do, he drove home in silence white faced and scared. When he arrive back he sat on the couch and thought, was could of happed to his wife. He got of the couch and headed for the phone, should he call the police or maybe she just went to a different shop? Then he saw a not by the phone. It was from he’s wife, this is what it said

“Dear peter
I haven’t been my self these last few days, I’ve been stressing about things and felling a little sick. So I’ve gone on holiday to Sydney I will be back in a week, don’t for get to feed the dog.
from your wife Susan.”

After that peter felt a mixture of angry and relived

to be continued by Hannah

Student blogging challenge activity 2

If you were to visit Adelaide here are three places I would recommend to go.

1. The Adelaide museum, because it very interesting and teaches you about history.

2. The art gallery, because it’s amazing to see all the art.

3. The Adelaide oval, because it’s very popular to lots of people.

By Hannah

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